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Mountain Goat Learned Behaviour Mountain goats need to learn how to survive.
Watching An Extirpation The trend on McKendrick Mountain is toward extirpation of the herd of mountain goats.
Ribbons of Land Mountain goats only occupy a small portion of the alpine.
Mountain Goat Dispersal An overview.
Mountain Goat Dispersal Report The final report on a survey of local residents calling for mountain goat sightings in forests between local mountains.
Mountain Goat Dispersal Obstacles Calculator This paper explains how our online form works to calculate the effect of obstacles in a dispersal path you specify. The calculator and more information is available here.

An Island in the Snow
Mountain Goat Winter Habitat

This is the complete text that supports our video of the same name. A small herd of goats stay on less than 20 hectares all winter. Wind clears the snow to enable the goats to paw for forage.

Can Mountain Goats Survive Climate Change? Climate change is making our mountains warmer and drier and is reducing the size of the open alpine.
Mountain Goats and Winter Recreation Mountain goats need protection from disruption and displacement in their winter feeding areas by motorized and non-motorized recreationists in British Columbia.
Group of mountain goats in high alpine

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